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October 29, 2023

About JeenieJolie

The secret sauce that makes JeenieJolie this awesome blog you love to visit and shop!

I'm in love with everything design, and functionality, that can improve our lifestyle while making us more environmentally concious.

Jennyfer M.

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👋🏾👋🏾 Hola, I'm Jennyfer

I’m the hyperactive mind  a mother of 8 fabulous children ranging all ages that brighten up every day of my life with their very unique personalities.


but Monday – Friday, I’m a bilingual business engineer working at the intersections of design,business automation, and marketing to help service providers and coaches develop, automate and market their business while demistifying the process so they can attain their dreams faster! I do it in English, Spanish… or both!


Our work

 JeenieJolie  started as my personal product review blog, then I started curating content and added my artistic side to it and as the platform continues to grow, some of my kids and friends are joining in the fun of creating content around things they enjoy most.

Our goal as a family of artists, and content creators is to share, help, entertain, and inspire people with DIY projects, designs we make, products we review, and our classes to express themselves in a way that makes their hearts sing while being conscious about our gorgeous planet.


Our Shop

Our growing boutique of sustainably handmade  and eco-friendly print-on-demand products represent our lifestyle and what we stand for.

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